Product Name : 35mm X 45mm


Animal Identification Ear Tags For Calf's

Dimentions :

Size : Female Part 35mm X 45mm, Male Part 27mm with Metal Tip.

Raw Material Information & Properties

  • Both parts (male + female) are made of high quality Thermoplastic Polyurethane Ether Grade.
  •  This grade of raw material is resistant to micro-organism, non-reactive to the sunlight, highly abrasion resistant with high mechanical strength, all weather.
  •  The shape of the ear tag and the raw material are not harmful to the animal in any case.
  •  Tag can be made in different color, as per customer requirement.

Customization of Laser Marking on Animal Ear Tags

  •  The Laser Marking on Animal Ear Tags is totally customized, As per customer requirements.
  •  We guarantee scratch proof laser marking on animal ear tag.